Busy Weekend #1

This was supposed to be the last relaxing weekend before things got crazy. Yeah, not so much.


Started this day with Harley’s agility class and then went right out to the barn to ride Dandy. We rode in the outdoor arena, which still makes me a little nervous but I wanted to work through that. I gave myself permission to be scared and then figured out how I was going to ride through it.

Well, when I got out there, JLE was just finishing a lesson so I waited for them to be done before I got to work. Once I was able to, Dandy really did not want to go forward. He kept tossing his head around and being pissy. I realized that I was riding to the left which, for him and I, is our bad side. So I turned around. It’s probably because I’m more comfortable, but I immediately had a relaxed horse willing to work on connection.

After we had worked on our canter to trot transitions on each side, I decided that I wanted to end on a good note. Short and sweet is fine by me!


We finished by walking along the road back to the barn. I was singing at the top of my lungs the entire way.



The body worker was out Sunday morning so I was at the barn bright and early for that. Dandy wasn’t nearly as sore as he was in past sessions, which is good, but he was definitely off in his stifles. But now he will be feeling all better for Aspen.

After going home and doing all sorts of other boring chores, the boy and I went back to the barn to help paint jumps. I don’t think I realized quite how many the barn had until I saw them all lined up!

905361_10203892707827631_7862263845186913447_o 10365453_10203892713707778_3140316151462729731_o

I can’t wait to jump all the fun new colors.

8 thoughts on “Busy Weekend #1

  1. Nice colors combos! And while you have the brush in your hand, I have a coffee table and two nightstands that need to be painted and or stained. Come on out to California and show off your DIY skills! πŸ™‚ I’ll take to to the beach and Disneyland. πŸ™‚


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